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ZKTeco SLK20R Fingerprint Scanner

Original price was: ৳ 5,500.00.Current price is: ৳ 5,000.00.

Key Features

  • Material : Optical
  • Size : 300 * 400 pixel(FAP20)
  • Battery power : 200mA
  • Resolution : 500~1000 dpi
  • Voltage : 5V(USB)

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Display Features
Interface USB Type A
Resolution 500~1000 dpi
Key Features
Material Optical
Power Consumption 5V:200mA Scanning;5V:60mA idle (waiting for finger)
Size 300 * 400 pixel (FAP20 )
Generel Information
Communication USB 2.0 / USB1.1
Effective Response Area 15.24 * 20.32 mm (FAP20)
LED White
Operating Temperature -20 °C ~ +50 °C; 90% r.h.
Power Management 200mA
Voltage 5V (USB)
Connector & Ports
Physical Information
Template size 1- 4KB (ZKFinger V10.0);1568 B (ISO 19794-2)
Weight 0.12kg


ZKTeco SLK20R Fingerprint Scanner Price in BD

Experience the pinnacle of biometric technology with the ZKTeco SLK20R Fingerprint Scanner, a compact and lightweight device designed for accurate and secure fingerprint identification. Incorporating advanced optical technology and a powerful 280MHz DSP CPU, this scanner delivers exceptional performance in various environments. Equipped with a high-resolution 2 million pixels CMOS sensor, the SLK20R captures detailed fingerprint images with outstanding quality. The dark field and automatic gain/exposure features ensure reliable operation in challenging lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. Its water splash resistance adds durability, making it versatile for use in diverse settings.

SLK20R Reliability Across Conditions

The SLK20R stands out for its ability to handle various types of fingerprints, whether dry, wet, or rough. This scanner consistently delivers accurate fingerprint recognition, ensuring reliability for users. Employing live fingerprint detection technology adds an extra layer of security by distinguishing between real and artificial fingerprints. Explore the advanced features and reliability of the ZKTeco SLK20R Fingerprint Scanner at a competitive price in Bangladesh, setting new standards in biometric identification.


The SLK20R prioritizes privacy and security with its incorporation of encrypted fingerprint data. This feature ensures the protection of sensitive information, providing users with confidence in the security of their biometric data. Certified by reputable regulatory bodies such as FCC, CE, RoHS, and PIV, the device meets stringent industry standards for quality, safety, and interoperability. Operating on a low power voltage of 5V through a USB connection, the scanner is energy-efficient. Its compact design and lightweight build allow for easy portability and installation in various applications. The SLK20R offers seamless connectivity through a USB 2.0/USB 1.1 interface, supporting multiple image formats, including RAW, BMP, and JPG, for compatibility and flexibility in data processing.


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