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A86LS Metal Push Button With LED Indicator

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  • Special design, with LED indicator
  • Luxury design, beautiful and durable
  • The test is qualified for the test
  • The advanced door control pr

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Key Features
Material Aluminmum Panel, Steel Button
Power Consumption 3A@36VDC Max
Generel Information
Output NO/COM
Use 500000 tested
Door Type Applicable Hollow frame and embedded electric case
Physical Information
Dimension 86Lx86Wx20H(mm)
Weight 0.1kg

A86LS Metal Push Button With LED Indicator

 A86LS Metal Push Button with LED Indicator stands as a pinnacle of durability, functionality, and innovation in the realm of electronic control systems. Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, this product combines an elegant design with robust materials, making it an ideal choice for a wide array of applications. Constructed with a blend of aluminum panel and steel button, the A86LS exudes a sense of modernity while ensuring enduring strength. This amalgamation of materials not only lends it a sleek appearance but also safeguards it against wear and tear, allowing it to withstand the test of time even in demanding environments. The LED indicator serves as a beacon of clarity in operation. Emitting a gentle yet vivid light, it enhances user experience by providing visual feedback on the button’s status. This feature finds immense utility in scenarios where immediate recognition of activation or deactivation is essential, contributing to efficient workflow management and heightened safety measures. With a power consumption of 3A at 36VDC maximum, the A86LS boasts an impressive power handling capability. Its NO/COM output configuration further accentuates its versatility, catering to a range of requirements across various sectors. Having undergone rigorous testing, this product assures a lifespan of 500,000 cycles, attesting to its reliability and performance consistency. The A86LS Metal Push Button’s design is not just limited to aesthetics; it’s also engineered for ease of integration. Suitable for both hollow frames and embedded electric cases, it showcases adaptability to different installation scenarios, augmenting its usability. In terms of physical dimensions, the button occupies a compact space, measuring 86Lx86Wx20H(mm). Weighing a mere 0.1kg, it strikes a balance between being substantial enough to evoke quality and being lightweight enough for practical handling.


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