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Disc Lock Double Key Anti Acid Heavy Duty

Original price was: ৳ 1,475.00.Current price is: ৳ 1,400.00.

  • Product Type: Double Key Cylinder Lock
  • Name: Dics Bike Loc
  • Brand:Chiness
  • Color:Chorme
  • Size: Medium
  • Anti theft
  • Materials SS, 445gm
  • Double keys
  • Taiwan Design
  • anti rust Italian Plasma Plate
  • Anti Acid

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Disc Lock Double Key Anti Acid Heavy Duty

Just imagine that you arrive at your destination on your motorbike and the location is a shall we put it… dodgy. So you really need to secure your bike whilst you head off to do whatever task you are there to perform.You simply whip out your motorcycle grip / brake / throttle lock and in less than 5 seconds the lock is applied and your vehicle is totally secure.It’s a Cinch to Use.Check out the images below to see the lock in action. The lock opens out like a crab claw. The ‘claw’ has two grips. To use it:A) You close the claw so that grip #1 clasps the the right hand Motorcycle Handle (the Throttle) and then grip #2 clasps and activates the Front Brake lever (Throttle cannot be used and the Front Brake is set), orB) Using the lock on the left hand of your bike – grip #1 clasps the handlebar and grip #2 clasps the Clutch (Clutch cannot be used so your bike cannot be put into gear).
Finally you lock the device shut using the key.


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