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Hikvision DS-1LN6U-W/CCA CAT6 305 Meter UTP Cable

Original price was: ৳ 8,250.00.Current price is: ৳ 7,300.00.

Key Features

  • Model: DS-1LN6U-W/CCA
  • 305 m cost-effective CAT6 CCA network cable
  • Full-diameter and full length
  • Quality verified by Fluke test
  • Guaranteed long PoE transmission distance

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Hikvision DS-1LN6U-W/CCA CAT6 305 Meter UTP Cable

The Hikvision DS-1LN6U-W/CCA CAT6 UTP Cable is a high-quality networking cable designed for various applications. It comes in a 305-meter length and is packed in a carton with dimensions of 41x41x24cm. The cable consists of four twisted pairs, each with a different core color. The core colors are as follows: Pair 1 – Blue & White/Blue, Pair 2 – Orange & White/Orange, Pair 3 – Green & White/Green, and Pair 4 – Brown & White/Brown. This color coding helps with the proper identification and termination of the cable. The cable is constructed with solid HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) insulation, which provides excellent electrical performance and protects against signal interference. The conductor material used in this cable is CCA (Copper-Clad Aluminum), with a copper content of 27%. The nominal outer diameter of the conductor is 0.585mm. The sheath of the cable is made of FR-PVC (Fire-Resistant Polyvinyl Chloride), which complies with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations. The sheath has a thickness of 0.50mm and an external diameter of 6.0mm, making it durable and suitable for various installation environments. The cable’s surface is clean, frap (smooth), and has a satin-like finish. The cable has a tensile strength of ≥13.5MPa before aging, and ≥12.5MPa after aging. The elongation is ≥150% before aging and ≥125% after aging. The cable undergoes an aging period of 100℃×24h×7d to ensure its performance over time. It also has good resistance to cold bending at -20±2℃. Regarding electrical characteristics, the cable has an impedance of 100±15Ω in the 1.0-100.0MHz frequency range and 100±25Ω in the 100-250MHz frequency range. The delay shew is ≤45ns/100m, and the maximum DC resistance is 12Ω/100m. The DC conductor resistance unbalance is kept within a maximum of 2%. The Hikvision DS-1LN6U-W/CCA CAT6 UTP Cable is a reliable and versatile solution for network installations that require high-speed data transmission, with its solid construction, RoHS-compliant materials, and excellent electrical characteristics.


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