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Product Name: Koleer S25

Battery capacity:1200mAh

Power Output: 5W


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Unleash Sonic Brilliance with KOLEER S25 Speaker – Best Price in Bangladesh!

Elevate your auditory experience with the KOLEER S25 speaker, now available at the best price in Bangladesh. Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled sound quality and cutting-edge technology, transforming any space into a personal audio haven.

KOLEER S25 price in bangladesh

Crystal-Clear Sound:

Experience music like never before with crystal-clear sound. Every beat, every note resonates with precision, offering an immersive audio journey that transcends expectations. Feel the richness of bass and the clarity of highs, delivering a concert-like experience in the comfort of your home.

Sleek and Compact Design:

Enhance your living space with the sleek and compact design of this speaker. Its modern aesthetics blend seamlessly with any decor, making it not just an audio device but a stylish addition to your home. Compact yet powerful, this speaker complements your lifestyle without compromising on performance.

Wireless Convenience:

Say goodbye to tangled cables and embrace the freedom of wireless connectivity. The KOLEER S25 speaker effortlessly connects to your devices, allowing you to stream music seamlessly. Whether it’s a playlist from your phone or the latest podcast from your tablet, enjoy the convenience of wireless audio at your fingertips.

Long-lasting Battery Life:

Keep the music playing without interruptions. The speaker boasts an impressive battery life, ensuring that your entertainment lasts as long as you do. From relaxing evenings at home to outdoor gatherings, this speaker is your reliable companion for continuous musical enjoyment.

Best Price in Bangladesh:

Now, experience premium audio quality without breaking the bank. The KOLEER S25 speaker comes with the best price in Bangladesh, making it an affordable yet high-end addition to your audio setup. Don’t compromise on quality – get the best value for your money.

Upgrade Your Audio Lifestyle:

Ready to transform the way you experience sound? Elevate your audio lifestyle with the KOLEER S25 speaker. Order now and immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled audio brilliance. Your premium auditory experience awaits!

Order your koleer S25 speaker lowest price and redefine the way you enjoy music!

Koleer S25 Bluetooth speaker specifications

  • Speaker Type: PORTABLE
  • Support : Bluetooth, Loudspeaker, Microphone
  • Use: Portable Audio Player, Mobile Phone, COMPUTER
  • Normal Volume Playing Time 4-6 Hours
  • Heavy Bass Speaker
  • Colors : Black, Blue, Red


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