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ZKTeco TS2011 Pro RFID Tripod Turnstile

Original price was: ৳ 90,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 86,000.00.

Key Features

  • Single-lane tripod turnstile
  • Rotating movement of the barrier
  • Access width 520 mm
  • Led indicato

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Key Features
Lane Width 520 mm
LED indicator LED status indicator
Generel Information
Barrier movement Rotating
Controller Controller C3 included with EM RFID card reader with TCP/IP connection to software
Emergency mode Tripod-arms unlock & drop during emergencies/power loss
Power AC 110/220 V / 73W (Starting) 20W(En Standby) 63W (Unblock)
Security 3 Arms / Anti-tailgating
Temp. operation -28º C ~ +60º C
Physical Information
Dimensions 985 (H) x 380 (W) x 1100 (D) mm
Dimensions of pass 780 (w) x 1100 (d) mm
Weight 46Kg


ZKTeco TS2011 Pro RFID Tripod Turnstile

The ZKTeco TS2033 Bridge Tripod Turnstile Access Control System is a cutting-edge security solution designed to control access and enhance security in various environments. Developed by ZKTeco, a leading provider of access control and time management solutions, this system combines advanced features with durable construction to provide reliable access control.One of the standout features of the TS2033 is its robust construction. With a sturdy barrier movement mechanism and three rotating arms, it effectively prevents unauthorized access and deters tailgating attempts. The tripod-arms are designed to unlock and drop during emergencies or power loss, ensuring a safe and efficient evacuation process.Equipped with a high-quality EM RFID card reader, the system seamlessly integrates with the included Controller C3. This controller offers a TCP/IP connection to software, allowing for centralized management and monitoring of access control activities. The LED status indicator provides clear visual feedback, ensuring smooth and hassle-free operation.The TS2033 offers flexibility in power options, supporting both AC 110V and 220V inputs. Its power consumption is optimized for efficiency, with 73W during startup, 20W in standby mode, and 63W during normal operation. This energy-saving design helps reduce operational costs while maintaining reliable performance.

Operating in a wide temperature range from -28ºC to +60ºC, the TS2033 is suitable for installation in diverse environments. Whether it’s a harsh outdoor setting or an air-conditioned indoor space, this turnstile system can withstand challenging conditions without compromising its functionality.With a lane width of 520mm and overall dimensions of 985mm (H) x 380mm (W) x 1100mm (D), the TS2033 provides a comfortable and accessible passage for individuals. It offers a balance between security and convenience, making it suitable for various applications such as office buildings, transportation hubs, stadiums, and more.Weighing 46kg, the TS2033 is a robust and stable solution that can withstand heavy usage without compromising its performance. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting reliability, making it a cost-effective investment for organizations seeking to enhance their security infrastructure.In conclusion, the ZKTeco TS2033 Bridge Tripod Turnstile Access Control System is a feature-rich and reliable solution for access control. With its advanced security features, seamless integration with the Controller C3, sturdy construction, and energy-efficient design, it provides an effective means of controlling access and enhancing security in various environments.


  • Reliable Brand: The system is manufactured by ZKTeco, a reputable brand known for its advanced security and access control solutions.
  • Model TS2011-PRO: The specific model of the turnstile access control system is TS2011-PRO, which is designed to meet high-security requirements.
  • Controller C3: The system comes with a Controller C3, which serves as the central control unit. It includes an EM RFID card reader and supports TCP/IP connection to software, enabling seamless integration with access control systems.
  • LED Status Indicator: The turnstile features an LED status indicator that provides visual feedback about the system’s operation, helping users easily understand its current state.
  • Rotating Barrier Movement: The turnstile uses a rotating barrier movement mechanism, which allows authorized individuals to pass through while preventing unauthorized access.
  • Emergency Mode: In case of emergencies or power loss, the system is equipped with an emergency mode that unlocks and drops the tripod arms, ensuring quick and safe evacuation or access.
  • Anti-Tailgating Security: The system features three arms to prevent tailgating, ensuring that only one person can pass through the turnstile at a time, thus enhancing security and preventing unauthorized entry.
  • Power Efficiency: The turnstile operates on AC 110/220V power supply. It consumes 73W during startup, 20W in standby mode, and 63W when unblocked, making it power-efficient.
  • Wide Temperature Range: The system can operate in a wide temperature range from -28ºC to +60ºC, allowing it to be used in various environments and climates.
  • Spacious Lane Width: The turnstile has a lane width of 520mm, providing ample space for individuals to pass through comfortably.


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